Please don’t end it, please don’t cry

Just give it a thought, give another try.

Just share what you got there inside

There are still people who are by your side.

Life’s got more than a failure or heartbreak

Yes agreed that it’s neither a piece of cake.

But see the brighter side

And you! Start being your own true guide.

Keep that child always there alive in you

Go out there, play; love the morning dew.

Stay alive, search for the small hidden joys

The way you loved playing as a kid with your toys.

Love yourself, live each day to the full

Don’t get weak or the thoughts let you be pulled.

Don’t end it, not the best way to say goodbye

Just give another shot, give another try.





There was once a tree

in the heart of the old city.

The city developed and now was cunning ,shrewd

The tree became old and bruised.

The city tied threads to it , wished to gods,

tree confused & in a shock .

The threads caused pain ,and agony

while the gods accepting offerings remained busy.

The fruit falls and the devotee  ecstatic.

Gods get more offerings and the tree more threads.

Tree wants to end his suffering , denies giving fruit ,

Tree doesn’t bear fruit , city amused ,finds it of no use.

The tree cries and sheds some leaves ,city says don’t litter the road please.

The tree breaks some branches,tries in vain

A car’s glass gets damaged ,the city roars again.

Too much for both to co-exist

The city axes the tree,the tree couldn’t resist

Tree doesn’t get a funeral ,nor is buried down

Since it’s just an old damn tree , nor does it make any sound.

The tree’s branches offered to God ,

The tree meets the god and asks why me ?!!

The god reminds him of the previous century !

The tree , being alone in the old poor city ,

had wished for the city to grow in number and prosperity !!!